Don't Panic 2018

这是一份不安分的日历,每一个周末的数字都在恣意狂欢。当你拆开包装,因重力而发生的不可逆,把 2018 年迎头抛下,



切割成碎片,组成新的时间单位。这正是 cheeer studio 想送给你的一次人为的偶然,


This is a restless calendar, as the figures of every weekend in it are rejoicing with wild excitement. When you unpack it,

all pages bearing the dates of 2018 will come pouring down due to irresistible gravity. They go beyond your imagination of

perfection, and time is being divided all over the place. 

Here, timelines are being broken up. Half a month, a week, half a day, one-third of a day, one-tenth of a day… They are scattered

from places they once belonged to, and are cut into pieces to form new units of time. This artificial coincidence is exactly what

Cheeer Studio wants to present to you – unexpected results produced by expected moves, restoring the truth of life and time.